LITTLE PRINCE is established and leads by Davor Mucić, medical specialist in psychiatry, who, aside from Danish, Swedish and English, speaks various Ex-Yugoslavian languages.

Other therapists that are connected with the centre (doctors/psychiatrists/psychologists) speak Arabic, Persian, Rusian, Turkish, Bulgarian, Romanian and Polish respectively.
In this way, the centre is suitable for the treatment of refugees and immigrants from Ex-Yugoslavia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East, but also regular Danish citizens in need of psychiatric expertise.



Curriculum Vitae

Davor Mucić, born in Zenica (Bosnia-Herzegovina)
Academic degree, authorization and occupation:
1988: Final Medical University examination
1993: B-authorization (Denmark)
1996/1997: Education in cognitive and behavioural psychotherapy
2002: Authorization as medical specialist in psychiatry
2015: Editor-in-Chief for Edorium Journal of Psychiatry




EPA (European Psychiatric Association)
WPA (World Psychiatric Association)




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International conferences – telepsychiatry:

Abu Dhabi International Mental Health Conference”, October, 2018, Abu Dhabi, UAE

2nd Eastern European Conference of Mental Health , September 2018, Sibiu, Romania

6th JEUNES PSY Annual Meeting and the 1st STPEA-EMACAPAP Research Seminar, September, 2018, Monastir , Tunisia

26th European Congress of Psychiatry (European Psychiatry Association EPA), March 2018, Nice, France

6th National Psychiatry Congress, October 2017, Siania, Romania

WPA XVII World Congress of Psychiatry, October 2017, Berlin, Germany

6th National Multidisciplinary Congress of the Specialized Psychiatric Hospitals, September 2017, Katerini, Greece

25th European Congress of Psychiatry (European Psychiatry Association EPA), April 2017, Florence, Italy

5th International Child&Adult Behavioral Health Conference, January 2017, Abu Dhabi

International Conference on General Practice & Hospital Management, December 2016, Dubai, UAE

DGPPN Congress (German Association for Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics), November 2016, Berlin, Germany

24th European Congress of Psychiatry (European Psychiatry Association EPA), March 2016, Madrid, Spain

IV International Congress Optimisation of Treatment in Psychiatry, December 2015, Wisła, Poland

WPA congress , Bucharest , June 2015

EPA (European Psychiatric Association), March 2015, Vienna

International conference, December 2014, Wisla

WPA (World Psychiatric Association) September 2014, Madrid

International Psychiatric conference, June 2014, Warsaw

EPA (European Psychiatric Association), Februar/March 2014, München

International conference, dec 2013, Wisla

WPA (World Psychiatric Association) October 2013, Vienna

EPA (European Psychiatric Association) April 2013, Nice

CPSP, November 2012, Karachi

DGPPN, November 2012, Berlin

WPA (World Psychiatric Association), 0ctober 2012, Prague

EPA (European Psychiatric Association), 2012, Prag

International conference, dec 2011, Wisla

International conference, sept 2011, Cambridge

EPA (European Psychiatric Association) 2011, Vienna

EPA (European Psychiatric Association), Februar 2010, München

International cross-cultural conference, June 2010, Amsterdam

APA (American Psychiatric Association), May 2009, San Francisco

ATA (American Telemedicine Association), April 2009, Las Vegas

EPA (European Psychiatric Association), January 2009, Lisabon

TeleMed &eHealth International Conference, Nov 2008, London

XIV World Congress in Psychiatry, September 2008, Prague

DPA Annual Meeting (Dutch Psychiatric Association), April 2008, Amsterdam

Med-e-Tel, April 2008, Luxembourg

AEP, April 2008, Nice

II Moscow International Conference “Information and Telemedical Technologies in Health Care”, October 2007, Moscow

19th World Congress of WASP (World Association for Social Psychiatry), October 2007, Prague

ECOTS (European Conference on Traumatic Stress Studies), June 2007, Opatija

Med-e-Tel (International Telemedicine Conference), April 2007, Luxembourg

AEP (Association of European Psychiatry), March 2007, Madrid

WACP (World Association of Cultural Psychiatry), October 2006, Beijing


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