Little Prince is the only place in Denmark for refugees and immigrants from the former Yugoslavia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa where the therapists speak the same languages as their clients. In this way, we avoid using interpreters, and treatment alliance is obtained faster. It is the place where you can get relevant psychiatric treatment either by direct contact or by telepsychiatry.

We offer our clients:

Counselling 24 hours a day
Individual and family psychotherapy
Medical treatment of mental illnesses

We offer the local authorities:

Advising on individual cases including evaluation and psychiatric specialist assessments in connection with pension and rehabilitation cases either by direct contact or by use of telepsychiatry.


Telepsychiatry is the use of videoconferencing in psychoeducation, diagnosis and treatment of mental
health conditions. It has been invented and developed in the USA since 1959. Furthermore, telepsychiatry has been well known in Canada and Australia since the 1970s.

Little Prince Treatment Centre is located in Copenhagen. It is a place in Denmark where telepsychiatry has been developed and used since 2002 in the assessment and treatment of mental illnesses. Therefore, Little Prince Treatment Centre is the place with the longest experience in telepsychiatry in Denmark and in Europe. By using a direct video link in real time, the psychiatrist can see and hear each other just like in a live TV broadcast. This means that the client can be treated in his municipality, while the psychiatrist is in Copenhagen.

We speak the language
of the clients


Little Prince Treatment Centre is founded and managed by Davor Mucić, a specialist in psychiatry, who speaks various languages of the former Yugoslavia in addition to Danish, Swedish and English. Other therapists associated with the center (doctors/psychiatrists/psychologists) speak Arabic, Persian, Russian, Turkish, Bulgarian, Romanian and Polish respectively. In this way, the center is suitable for the treatment of refugees and migrants from the former Yugoslavia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East, as well as regular Danish citizens who need psychiatric expertise.

Davor Mucić

I graduated in 1988 from the Faculty of Medicine in Rijeka, and specialized in psychiatry in 2002 in Denmark. Since 2002, I have been developing telepsychiatry (video link in the diagnosis and treatment of mentally ill persons) at the Little Prince Treatment Center. Pioneering projects in telepsychiatry, accompanied by numerous scientific articles and international presentations, have shaped me into an expert with a broad and deep understanding and competence in the field of telepsychiatry and e-mental health. 

I am the editor-in-chief of the Edorium Journal of Psychiatry, a member of the editorial advisory board of the Journal of Pakistan Psychiatric Society, and the lead author of the WPA (World Psychiatric Agency) Global Guidelines for Telepsychiatry. For my contribution, I was awarded as an honorary member of the WPA 2020. 

At the University of Silesia in Katowice (Poland) I defended the first doctorate in telepsychiatry in the EU entitled Telepsychiatry in the assessment and/or treatment of refugees and migrants, May 2022.

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LITTLE PRINCE accepts only referrals from the clients’ respective social workers. Referrals are to be made in writing to the Centre. Waiting time is max. 1-2 weeks from date of referral.

Treatment at LITTLE PRINCE is not covered by the public health insurance and the charges of the services are not any different than the usual average psychiatric rates.

Price list

Psychotherapy (session by 45 minutes),
—Dkr. 1.800,00
Referral assessment incl. written report,
—Dkr. 4.000,00
Psychiatric assessment incl. detailed specialist statement,
—from Dkr. 10.000,00


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Little Prince Treatment Centre
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